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" little silhouette dreams came so so so flawlessly true thanks to a sweet and talented fellow nashvillian, meiska, of miss thistle shop silhouettes!! oh my goodness. i followed meiska on instagram for quite a while before getting in touch with her about doing some silhouettes of my babies. all of her stuff is just so beautiful!! so, i knew i needed to capture my babes' precious profiles before they grew up too much more... and since meiska is not only local to our area but a mama, herself, it just felt so right for her to do them! and oh, when i got them in the mail... gosh, in love doesn't even cover it!! i could seriously stare at them all day long. :) "

Brittany, Life of Charmings

"Meiska captured not just how my child looks as a three year old, but some simple essence of his personality. I cried when I saw the finished portrait . . ."

-Helene, VT

"I couldn't believe how great a deal Miss Thistle Shop's painted portraits were. It seemed too good to be true, but I ordered and it is true! I was so excited to receive the included digital versions before Meiska started working on the hand painted versions and we were able to make a couple of adjustments to the bow on my daughter's portraits. Once I got the final paintings in the mail, I was blown away by the detail. $30 a piece is the best deal ever! Can't rave enough about this little shop. I'll be giving portraits for all my gifts in the future!"

-Jamie H., CA

"I ordered a full-body portrait of my granddaughters playing together and I more than pleased with the final portrait. I printed it and then gave it to my son and daughter-in-law for a Christmas gift. I'll be ordering more as they get older!"

-Valerie B.