Silhouette Locket


Image of Silhouette Locket

Silhouettes are a tradition of remembering loved ones and keeping the individuality of their faces close. Keep their silhouettes close to your heart with our locket, back just in time for Mother's Day by popular demand.

*A limited number available at this time!
*Available in silver plated
*Can have up to three portraits per side.
*Each locket is 32mm/slightly larger than one inch/a bit larger than a quarter.
*Includes 30" matching, plated chain.
*Sealed and encased in fine resin.

Please include your previous order number and/or the email you sent your photos from in the notes on your locket order. Also include any preferences you may have for which silhouette in each side and which way they face.

If you haven't had a portrait drawn already, adding a 'digital silhouette' cheapest way to have a silhouette drawn for your locket. If you want prints or hand-cut versions, go ahead and order those and I'll be able to use that for your locket.

Still have questions? I'm happy to help! Email me at


Image of Silhouette Locket