Custom "Pair of Lovers" Silhouettes

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Image of Custom "Pair of Lovers" Silhouettes

You will receive three files:
One of the pair together
One each of each individual silhouette

Please choose between the Regular busts, a Mid-Century Style, or the Regency Style (Jane Austen-esque!)

This listing is for a digital piece of custom artwork. This drawing will be hand drawn on an expensive piece of illustrating equipment- a wacom Cintiq tablet. Your image will be a high resolution file that you can distribute to as many friends and family members as you would like and print as many times as you please.

Email photos of the profiles you'd like to use to then I will email you the jpg file to print when it is completed. Our turn around rate is currently 10-14 days.

In your email, please include the following info:

- The email address you want the silhouette(s) sent to.
- A name, date, or short message to be included if desired
- A Custom Color from our list, if desired. The color can be applied to an accessory, the background, or the silhouette itself.
- If you want something very, very specific and have an idea of what you'd like, send me an email and we'll get it done. :)

About the photo you send:
- Make sure the entire head/hair is in the photo
- Make sure the camera is level with their heads and not tilting upward or downward
-The clearer the photo, the better

There's an example of a good photo in the photos for this listing. Phone photos are totally fine!


Image of Custom "Pair of Lovers" Silhouettes Image of Custom "Pair of Lovers" Silhouettes Image of Custom "Pair of Lovers" Silhouettes Image of Custom "Pair of Lovers" Silhouettes